higher quality

2012-02-28 04:37:10 by DisguisedAfro

been having trouble with sound qual* here on NG, still to lazy to fix the problem... meh
feel free to visit my page on soundcloud mah soundcloud!

HQ downloads...

higher quality

adobe </3

2009-12-02 05:33:01 by DisguisedAfro

can't make anything right now, my laptop crashed and adobe disappeared.
instead i've been using my sisters pc. she uses fl9 studio wich made me curious for making music.



2009-07-21 15:10:10 by DisguisedAfro

i am now back in sweden :D
now i can start making flash stuff and commit suicide :D


2009-07-13 20:46:16 by DisguisedAfro

right now i'm in the US (great time to join NG) so i cant submit anything except for art ^^
but after the 19th i will start submitting stuff : D and stuff....


2009-07-11 00:39:32 by DisguisedAfro

First news post


i like to draw stuff, and stuff....
and paint skateboard decks.... fun huh?